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Cindy Savage

Author, Editor, Instructor

Cindy Savage gives author talks as well as three-day workshops for schools, clubs and organizations. Each talk or workshop combines a wealth of stories and anecdotes about her life as a writer, mother of six, teacher, principal, active community member, traveler and all-round busy person, with concrete exercise for developing writing skills and fitting them into anyone's schedule.

At the end of each workshop, participants will know the difference between characters, conflict and content.  They will know how to hook their reader at the beginning of a story and hold them until the end. They will know the difference between active and passive writing. They will develop character profiles and plot lines during the workshop and perform an improvisational play to illustrate the concepts learned.  And besides that--they'll have fun!

Author talks, workshops and classes available in person and online, nationally and internationally.

Author Talks

60-90 minutes--All ages and group sizes

School Workshops

3 day workshop up to five individual classes per day for students and in-service workshop for teachers.

Flexible scheduling

Custom Classes

 Special pricing depending on venue.

Costs available by email. In-service and professional growth workshops for teachers--price to be negotiated depending on whether the in-service is attached to other talks or workshops.  Several schools may combine services to share the costs of transportation and lodging.

Cindy is currently teaching writing on, a Shanghai, China based e-learning website.  Cindy is available to give author workshops at schools and organizations. 

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